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Contact Scott Tonges  propertytrust@frontier.net  970-731-4421

​What I Do -  I help apartment and commercial property investors to find, acquire, fund, manage early stage repositioning, then exit and repeat the process with A & B Situation properties for the purpose of building passive cash flow.   These "approaches" use the techniques I’ve learned from my master investor clients.

Who I Work With –  I work with individual owners and small partnership owners (passive or active) with $1 million to $10 million of current holdings of rental homes, apartments or commercial properties.  

Why It Works – I’ve been on the front lines with some of America’s most successful real estate investors and then reverse engineered their strategies and applied their ideas for myself and with other clients with success.

What Makes Me Different – With over 40 years of experience analyzing and brokering every income property type, I also built an apartment and commercial property management company operating in 5 cities overseeing 1,872 apartment units and 500,000 SF of commercial space. But it’s the hundreds of years of collective wisdom learned directly from my most successful clients, that gives me insights that few have. 

How It Works – I learn about the goals of my clients, their current properties, then outline a plan and help them implement it to rapidly attain their desired outcome. 


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Here’s to Your Success.    F. Scott Tonges