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Based in Houston

Managing in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Las Vegas & San Francisco.

1,870 apartment units 
525,000 sf of commercial space

"I left a perfectly good career as an engineer, that included working for NASA during the Apollo 11 moon landing, to become an apartment broker. It would take me years of observation, dealing in good markets, crashed markets & every property type to unravel what my most successful clients were doing.  I finally understood it and tested it in the real world with success. Along the way, I learned that few real estate investors have a plan like these master investors.  Instead, they pursue a series of ill defined, random investment events.  I've set out to teach and help investors on to a new, more successful path to create dependable cash flow & wealth. 
 F. Scott Tonges: Named among the top 2% of commercial real estate brokers in the US, by CBRE, Scott’s 42 year career has spanned every facet of investment real estate. He spent an average of 6 years focused on each commercial property type so is well versed in all income properties. He founded a commercial property management firm eventually operating in 5 cities overseeing 1,840 apartment units and 500,000 SF of commercial space. He has developed both commercial and residential properties. He founded a residential brokerage firm. He has been involved in transactions from modest to $220 million dollars. He taught real estate investment to professionals for continuing ed credit for 5 years in Colorado. He’s the author of the book, Property Empire (on Amazon). Today he’s a private investor, consultant, broker, and author. 
Houston Medical Center Bldg
Letter from Owner-Bert Zweig, Esq Chairman – Corp Finance Division of the law firm Finley, Kumble, Wagner. Beverly Hills, CA. 
 “I can say he is an expert in real estate finance, development, and sales. Mr. Tonges has performed such services for me and for others with whom I am associated, all to our great satisfaction. I respect his experience and rely heavily on his judgment in such matters.”
Scott taught investment real estate (residential and commercial) to real estate professionals for continuing education credit in Colorado for five years
First Time Investor
unsolicited email
A Single Mom seeking to own her first 
 4 plex.

  “I never forgot you and am so thankful and blessed that I received your time and coaching years ago…As of December 2016, I purchased my first 4 plex…I did it !”   Laura N.

Email - SouthwestTrust@Outlook.com
Phone - Colorado 970-731-4421 - Texas 713-234-5307

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