"The Purpose of Real Estate Investment Should Be to Build Wealth to Create Passive, Hassle Free Cash Flow in A Targeted Amount. Most Investors Don't Do This. Their Investments are Random Acts Yielding Disappointing Results. Here's the Answer and A Plan."

                                                                                    F. Scott Tonges

Within a Five Year Time Frame You Can Parlay a $1 Million Property Into A $2.3 Million Asset or Merely a $1.2 Million Asset & Respectively, a Net Annual Income 
of $184,000 or $96,000.

Duplicating the Approach of Master Investors is the Secret to Reaching These Higher Value & Higher Income Levels and in A Fraction of the Time. Enroute, one can receive substantial cash returns in months, not years. 

You Can Learn How It's Done, Right Here, Right Now

I Help Commercial Property Owners/Investors Increase Cash Flow & Property Value In Months, Not Years. Get the Free Ascension Report Here. Click Below

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You'll See Real World Examples of Unothodox
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  F. Scott Tonges, President
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"It's not my decades of experience, it's the hundreds of years of collective experience & ideas of  my top clients, some of the most successful in America, I help clients apply. As George Ablah told me "What I do on a large Scale ($125 million turned to $180 million in 18 months) anyone can do on a small scale"

You'll Meet Some of My Master Investors Clients in the Ascension Report.
What I Learned from Them I Now Help Investors to Duplicate

Does this sound like you ?

  • You own a commercial property (retail center, office,office warehouse, apartment, hotel) but you seem to put more money into it than you take out.   
  • ​You're wondering when, if ever, your properties are going to REALLY pay off. 
  • You're trying to flip houses but the competition is driving up prices. Inventory that makes economic sense is getting harder find.   There seems no end game to it, just more work
  • ​Your only plan is to hope inflation does its job.
  • ​You don't have a clear plan to get to a passive income goal.
  • You don't really have a defined cash flow goal or a specific plan to make it happen.
Most Investors Have Never Seen the Alternate Investment Approaches That Can Get Them to Their Cash Flow Goals With Less Risk, Less Money and In Far Less Time
It Wasn't Until I Reverse Engineered My Experiences With Master Investor Clients, Then Used Their Ideas Myself With Success, That I Knew I Could Help Others to Do the Same.

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Kevin Sellers - Vice President - Tribble & Stephens - General Contractor for Office Condo Project

"Our knowledge of investment developers has been obtained through hundreds of contractual arrangement such as this one and we have never dealt with anyone more professional. As the project progressed, Scott's ability to make essential decisions was outstanding along with the timely processing of our progress payments. We cannot say enough good things about Scott Tonges and have never enjoyed a better relationship with any developer."

Bert Zweig, Esq / Chairman – Corp Finance Division of the law firm Finley, Kumble, Wagner. Beverly Hills, CA. 

 “I can say he is an expert in real estate finance, development, and sales.  Mr. Tonges has performed such services for me and for others with whom I am associated, all to our great satisfaction. I respect his experience and rely heavily on his judgment in such matters.”
Analysis of a Planned, Full Service Hotel Acquisition by Brokers Client.  Brokers note to me after a meeting with his client on a paid basis.  Broker: J. Jackson. Colorado
"Scott, thanks so much! Your knowledge in this area of real estate is quite obvious”
Management and Sale of Apartment Complexes.  Owner: Eastern Savings Bank – Scarsdale, NY.
 Coleman Donaldson, Assistant Vice President.
“…they (Tonges – McKelvy firm) possess broad knowledge of the financing and marketing of commercial real estate projects which is essential in today’s competitive & complex market.  I hold both individuals in the highest esteem”
Development & Brokerage.  Service: Employed Attorney; Joe Bax, Esq – Hoover, Bax, &  Shearer.
“…has always conducted himself in professional manner. He is a most capable individual with a rather broad
range of abilities.”
Acquisition Brokerage, Management & Resale of 713 Unit Apartment Portfolio – Client: Sparhawk Development
North Reading, Massachusetts
 “Scott and his firm have done great job managing the apartments and also reselling, to date, 566 units for a profit”
 Single Mom seeking to own her first 4-plex.  Unsolicited email. Laura N.
 “I never forgot you & am so thankful and blessed that I received your time and coaching years ago…As of December 2016, I purchased my first 4-plex…I did it !”
168 Room Hotel Sale –  Owner: Group of 15 attorneys – Tom Farr, Managing Member/ Miami, FL / Cash sale.
 “…the letter of intent was signed Nov 15, and the transaction closed December 27.  Our group was pleased with Scott’s professional attitude and methods"  

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